The Federalist, a right-wingnut publication, is putting American Democracy at risk.

 The Federalist, a conservative online publication, has been at the forefront of promoting extreme political views that have the potential to put American democracy at risk. The publication, which was founded in 2013, has gained a large following in recent years due to its controversial and often polarizing content. However, this content has increasingly devolved into baseless conspiracy theories and dangerous rhetoric that undermines the very foundations of democracy. One of the main ways in which The Federalist puts American democracy at risk is by promoting and amplifying false claims about the integrity of the election process. In the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election, the publication became a platform for unfounded allegations of voter fraud and other irregularities, despite numerous independent investigations and court rulings that found no evidence to support these claims. By spreading this misinformation, The Federalist erodes public trust in the democratic process an

It’s Official: PIRATE Act Signed Into Law

Image From the article: The teeth of the PIRATE Act is in the details. The act gives the commission the authority to levy fines of up to $100,000 per violation and $2 million in total. The act also streamlines the enforcement process; requires the FCC to conduct mandatory pirate radio enforcement sweeps in cities with the highest concentration of pirate radio use; and seeks to ensure more coordination among federal, state and local law enforcement. What they don't say though, is, it's not funded. The FCC has no funding to pay for ANY of this and they didn't build it into the act. The FCC's enforcement arm has told congress that, until they get an $11,000,000 funding check, they can't put it into force. So, for now, it's just noise. But, it's there, and they can use it anytime they want to so, be warned.  

"How Colorado Pirate Radio Once Hid In Plain Sight, And Can’t Anymore"

Colorado used to have a lot of cool pirate radio stations providing local community service. The FCC just doesn't care and shut it all down and won't put anything in place to do it legally. Interesting story (click listen now) on CPR (Colorado Public Radio) from a couple of years ago: Interesting side note: CPR (Colorado Public Radio) and NPR are NOT friendly toward pirate radio. The CPR host call pirates 'scofflaws' potential 'ripoffs and con artists'.  He also commented that 'CPR was not part of NPR's lobbying effort' against pirate radio- which we really doubt. The host also kept calling it 'illegal' to do pirate radio. It is NOT illegal in 47 states, including Colorado. It's against FCC regulations. Big difference. Screw NPR and CPR. These guys are as bad as any for-profit predatory capitalistic corporation. They view pirate radio as a

1/4 Wave Ground Plane Antenna Calculator

Title says it all.

How to set up a pirate radio station- Updated links for 2020

Buy your stuff... I'll go over the list of gear I use for easy setup and tear down.  Obviously, get a transmitter.  I use the  Broadcast Warehouse TX 150 .  150 watts.  It's not cheap though. About $3500 US. And if you prefer, start out with a cheap Chinese knockoff. Here's a list of them (15watts.. which will get you a mile or two no problem, and a lot further if you put your antenna up high). Most are under $200 (and usually include an antenna). Next you need an antenna.  I prefer one of two antenna's.  The first one is an old pirate radio standby called a Comet.  Cheap, easy to set up, easy to tune.   Model number  CFM95SL 5/8 wave. Next, get a cheap laptop.. this is your streaming box.  You'll be streaming from a remote location (i.e. your computer at home or work where you're playing DJ).  I like one with a reasonably big hard drive so I can store music on it that the system defaults to if I lose the internet connection (more on that in a bit). You&#

FCC Shuts down KBFR due to Denver Christen Station (KLDC) complaints

TL:DR: The FCC shut down KBFR and the Denver Christen station KLDC is the reason why. Just got a call from the guy who runs the station. According to the FCC complaint he got, the Christen station owned by Crawford Broadcasting Company, DBA KLZ Radio Inc. that took to the air on 95.3FM in Denver earlier this year, called the FCC on Boulder Free Radio today claiming 'interference'. KBFR shut down at 6pm MST, 7/27/16. What Christen station you say? Why, THIS one: "KLDC - Serving God and Country". We kid you not. 95.3fm and 1220am in Denver. Feel free to give them a piece of your mind. direct message: Facebook:…/ Oddly, they list NO phone number. This is worse than corporate bullshit from the likes of iheartradio types. This is a religion persecuting free speech. The likelihood there was interference in DENVER from a tiny pirate statio

Sub Reddit for Pirate Radio

If you use Reddit, you know this little fellow well. Did you know there is a Pirate Radio sub reddit?  Yep. I'm one of the mods.  It's been sorta dead, so, let's spice it up shall we?  Check it out, add some piratey stuff to it, make it your own.