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Good monthly meeting yesterday. With a smaller group (about 2 dozen) it's much easier to manage the station and the required duties we all have to do to keep things moving. We took the KBFR duties list and each of the main areas where assigned to a specific point person and then other DJ's volunteered to help that person. I'll check with the point person over the course of the month to see how things are going. One thing is clear, if you don't spread the work, you'll burn out the few people who are putting in too much work while everyone else skates. Obvious, I know, but amazing how often it happens.
The Denver Free Radio folks where up for about three days before getting busted by the FCC running a little thirty watt transmitter. It amazes me that the FCC has the time and energy to even bother with this. But, if you think about it, it makes sense. The first bust is usually the one they try to scare you with. "We can fine you $11,000 and put you in jail for a year'. You're in big trouble. Just cooperate. Give us your equipment. The reality is, the have no real power and know it, so they resort to fear uncertainty and doubt. They are not at all above lying to get into a transmitter site. They trespass on private property regularly to get a look at things. They do all they can without going through the hassle of getting a warrant to scare the crap out of you to keep you from going on air again. They are all about complience (shutting it off), first and foremost. What I've learned over the last several years of running KBFR is that, if you make i
Another KBFR Benefit show this weekend. A Night on Venus. Focused on the feminine. Our own Granola Girl came up with the idea and put together, pretty much, the entire show. She did a great job all around of pulling it together and, in the last week, the rest of the pirate pitched in and it worked out exceptionally well. ZT in particular, as usual, went above and beyond the call in helping and several other DJ's put in alot of time and effort to make it work. It was at the Trilogy Winebar.. good friends of KBFR. This was our second show there. It's a good idea, if you're an underground station, to make friends with the various venues in your town. It gives you a platform to put on benefit shows and station produced shows like the one we did this weekend. It also puts you in good stead with the local entertainment scene, making you an integral part of it. Hats off to the KBFR folks for pulling off another great party! I hear rumors that Phinn's planni
Here we are again... and things are going pretty good. Smaller group, more focus, more attention to the station by a more dedicated set of folks. It's goodness. I think one way to bring down a pirate station is to let in anyone interested in doing it. Pirate radio, by nature, attracts some fringe folks (myself included). The problem is not all of these folks are thinking in terms of community and working withing a group of people. Some have an axe to grind regardless of it's effect on the overall view of the station by it's listeners (or the effect on the other station members). Some are just into having a party and using the station as the focal point. Some are just plain nuts. But most aren't. No way to tell though until they've been around for awhile. The key is to have a MISSION and clearly defined reason for being. This time around, I wrote up a Mission Statement and clear set of policies (how we'll operate day to day) and went over it with