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Google Talk is BAD

Don't install it! Google Talk (or GoogleTalk) the new instant message client from Google will KILL your gmail account.

For some reason, Gmail doesn't like it. A friend of mine had his Gmail account LOCKED OUT when he installed it. Google, of course, doesn't respond (other than auto response emails with no information) to his pleas to turn back on his gmail.

So, again, DO NOT INSTALL GOOGLE TALK and you should think long and hard about depending on Gmail, considering how they promptly shut off his email and won't turn it on for 24 hours (or so they say... he's still offline 14 hours later).


Evil Google?

Normally I don't write about things that aren't related to pirate and underground radio, but this one just cry's out.

And it sure as hell has alot to do with media freedom.

Google has 'blacklisted' CNET for writing a story about how Googles reach might be a little long these days. To illustrate the point, they found a bunch of information on the companies CEO, Eric Schmidt, and published it. They found it, of course, ON Google.

Now why the hell would a company that has as it's main principle "Do No Evil" do something so amazingly stupid? I mean, come on. This is one of the few times that the word stupid and Google really belong together in a sentence.

And I've got to give them this: when they decide to be stupid, they get REALLY stupid.

I just switched my startup page to I'm boycotting Google until they stop boycotting a reporting for doing what is simply his job: Telling the truth.