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"Unfortunately People Go to Jail Now" - Not


Great info on how the FCC really works in regards to controlling Pirate Radio in America.

Chapter 2. Contemporary Treatment of Unlicensed Broadcasting

The FCC has never articulated a very specific policy with regard to unlicensed
broadcasting beyond a blanket commitment to enforce the law requiring a license. Since it is a
cardinal violation of the Communications Act the FCC tends to take such behavior relatively
seriously, punishing those offenders it can catch through a selection of enforcement tools at its
disposal. These range from administrative sanctions like fines to seizure and forfeiture of
equipment,1 injunctive relief, and criminal charges.2

An unlicensed broadcaster’s avenues to challenge these enforcement actions vary
depending on which method of enforcement is chosen by the FCC. The district courts have
jurisdiction to enforce the application of FCC enforcement orders,3 although the avenue of
challenge to FCC regulations begins at the courts of appeal.4 Appeals of …