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KBFR on the Web!

KBFR is online!

Check it out.

KBFR, again

I don't live in Boulder anymore (I'm a couple of states away) but it looks like someone pirated (heh) the old KBFR logo and name and is running a station in Boulder again.

A friend sent me this link to the local newspaper story.

I have to wonder about the reporter though. There was a time when the local newspaper would do things to help the local community. Supporting a pirate radio station that created some interesting diversity in town would be a nice thing for the local newspaper to do, don't you think?

It looks to me like the reporter either doesn't think that and is working in the interest of main stream media only, or he's not very bright. His name is John Aguilar and he is, apparently, the 'police and courts' reporter. Why the guy on the cop beat is doing a story on Pirate Radio I have no clue.

Normally, you'd write a piece on a station like this and you'd talk to people and the radio people involved and you'd put the story out there. Th…