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Public Radio in Boulder Screws it's listeners

I'm tempted to say 'again' considering Colorado's NPR conglomerate.

Apparently, the classical music listeners in Boulder don't much matter to Colorado Public Radio. From today's Boulder Daily Camera Newspaper:
At 10 a.m. July 9, Carla Selby turned the dial on her radio to 88.1 FM and heard... nothing.For weeks, she’d heard announcers on her favorite radio station, KVOD classical music, warn listeners that the station was moving down the dial from its longtime home at 90.1 FM. But she never once heard that Boulder residents would likely lose their reception.What we need is a pirate radio station that plays classical music during the day, and free form whatever the hell they want at night and on weekends. If Colorado Public Radio won't do it, maybe underground community radio will.

NPR and the local version (CPR) look out for one thing: Themselves. It's a business, nothing more. Nothing wrong with that, if you're a business. CPR is supposed to be a…