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The slow bleeding death of commercial FM radio

Just got this juicy tidbit from my buddy Sparky:

Providing a blunt counterpoint to the optimism expressed by commercial radio leaders during the NAB Show this week, the latest U.S. radio revenue numbers are out.

Revenue in March was off 8 percent compared to a year ago — and that’s including a healthy 18% growth in non-spot revenue.

According to the Radio Advertising Bureau, local revenue (the biggest piece of radio’s revenue pie) fell 8%, while national was down a stomach-churning 17%. So if you set aside income from non-spot offerings, radio’s performance in March was –10%.

RAB didn’t post a quarterly total but overall revenue was down 6% and 2% in January and February respectively, as reported earlier, and the industry was down 2% for all of 2007.

What's it mean? Means you guys aren't listening to the radio anymore.

Notice how everyone is playing either country or classic rock? Yea.. that's because it's for the over 40 demographic. That's the only group that listen…

And more!

Well, something's up for sure. First KGLO... then I get this emailed to me:

Someone's taking up the old KBFR mantel now it seems.

Right now, no one's talking (to me) but I welcome any email updates or announcements you'd like me to put on my blog. Just email me at:

Calling KGLO... Come in KGLO....

To the guy who emailed me from KGLO (with the initials AD)... I did indeed get your email, but when I respond, it bounces.

That service you use is super restrictive, super secure and exclusive of (i.e. not friendly to) people not on it. Like me.

You've got my email.

One thought: get a gmail account. Gmail works really well--and securely, just put in instead of - Adding that s o the http encrypts everything between you and the servers.


Boulder's new Pirate! KGLO

Well shit! Someone's taken over 95.3FM in Boulder!

KGLO... 95.3 FM

This is a real pirate. I'm listening to slam poetry spoken to the guy while he plays hard guitar (pretty well). Poetic Terrorism seems to be the subject.


They even apologized for commandeering the airwaves from the old KBFR crew, but felt 'forced' to do it, as brothers (no shit!) to fight the corporate media.

It's a riot! STRONG signal. I'm pretty impressed actually. This guy (these guys?) take it seriously.

Looking forward to some real pirate action from these guys. MOST cool.

Come yell at the Law Firm that's doing the RIAA's dirty work APRIL 9TH at CU

The War on "Piracy": A Fight for Industry Survival or a Failed Approach?@ Cofrin Auditorium, ATLAS Building, University of Colorado
April 9, 2008, 5:30pmPlease join us for a panel discussion between attorneys from Holme Roberts & Owen and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. HRO is a Denver-based law firm that represents record companies in their attempts to stem online music copyright infringement, including actions targeting individual university students. The EFF is a nonprofit organization that frequently questions the RIAA's tactics and opposes it in court.In the nine years following the development of Napster, the music industry has changed dramatically. To match the new methods of downloading music illegally, there are new means of detecting such activity and new legal ramifications. The ethics of downloading music illegally and who should be responsible for such activity continue to be debated. This debate relates to the broader question of whether the m…