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Internet radio dead? Maybe time for pirates again

I'd pretty much given up on the whole FM spectrum and decided that, with the advent of cheap streaming radio and podcasts, it didn't much matter anymore.

No need to put up an underground FM station. Just set up a streaming radio station. Get your self broadcasting needs taken care of with a podcast (which often is what's played on an internet streaming radio station)

Ah.. no more. The damned recording industry is trying it's damnest to kill that off too (or worse, turn it into another commercial filled wasteland impossible to listen to).

I'm thinking, maybe it's time again to go for the FM spectrum. Or, at the very least, help some other folks I know that are interested in doing it to get up and running.

SoundExchange Defends Internet Radio Royalty Rates

SoundExchange recently defended a revised streaming radio royalty rate structure as passed by the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB), arguing that the ruling was "fair". In a statement issued Thursday, Sou…