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Hmmm.... who IS this?

From the Brighter Fusion Blog:

Boulder Free Radio lives on!Categories: Personal | Today I was thrilled to stumble across what appears to be a reincarnation of the local pirate radio station which went off the air in 2006.It was at 93.9 (I believe), and it was playing some very German sounding techno/new wave stuff until it wasn’t anymore…a pirate identification and then just static.According to the KBFR wiki page:The original founder of KBFR, Monk, who recently moved out of the state, decided to leave all the equipment accumulated by the KBFR/Boulder Free Radio collective during its operations (2000-2005) to a new generation of underground radio enthusiasts. They can be found on several frequencies including 103.9, 102.7, 95.3 and at least 6 others. They often broadcast from parties, raves and cultural events.As of 2008 a new group of Boulder pirates has emerged under the call letters KGLR (green light radio). They have taken the reins from Monk and presented a whole new station on…

Another one bites the dust

Rock radio KCUV closes doors.The Denver Post Article Last Updated: 09/04/2008 01:09:48 AM MDT
The owners of KCUV (102.3 FM), billed as "Colorado's Unique Voice," pulled the plug Sunday, marking the demise after five years of a local independent, progressive rock radio outlet in the competitive world of corporately owned, cookie-cutter radio programming. The company is now simulcasting KJAC "Jack" (105.5 FM) on the frequency. The station didn't have a huge fan base, but those who did listen were intensely loyal.Sad and pitiful. We are becoming a McRadio society and the masses, it seems, don't really care.

KGLR gone (?)

Well, it seems there was some consternation among the KGLR crew and they've disappeared. Nothing on the airwaves for a couple of weeks now.

This is, I think, the biggest hurdle for radio pirates. How you're set up has alot to do with how effective you can be.

Doing pirate radio is, by nature, an act of passion, defiance and to a degree love. You've got to love it to do it because there just isn't alot of upside.

I wish the KGLR folks luck and hope they come back someday soon.