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FCC opens up the air for LPFM

Now this is a big deal for the radio world. Maybe, just maybe, we'll get some decent radio stations on the air again.
Start your own low power FM station!
March 19, 2012
We did it! Today the FCC announced the biggest victory for community radio since we led the fight to pass the Local Community Radio Act more than a year ago. The FCC will dismiss thousands of applications for translators (repeater stations) to clear the airwaves for community radio. Across the country, hundreds of channels that would have gone to giant networks will now be preserved for our communities to use. This victory would not have happened without years of effective advocacy from Prometheus and grassroots activists. And we couldn't have done it without you. Thank you! (Scroll down to read our full press release.)
Today's announcement will help hundreds of local groups to build their own community radio stations for the first time. But our work isn't over. We still have another fight ahead at the …

How to create a Pirate Radio Station

I recently was asked how to do this, with more detail, on Reddit. Here's what I put there (with some additional infos):
Transmitter, dipole antenna and cable $3000 Package here:
Mast assembly $150 (base and poles): Insulated pivot base assembly Military antenna mast support poles (4ft each X 12):
Guy-wire and stakes (home depot): $50
Laptop with USB Mixer and 2 mics Laptop (any will do): $400
Behringer 1204BUSB Mixer $200
2 Shure SM57 Mics with Stands (but any mics will do): $275
This is all you need to get going. Total: $4,075
If you want a really small antenna for stealth, go with this 1/4 wave $60:…


To the IAmA folks at reddit, this is, indeed, me.