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REALLY low power radio: LPAM

Several years ago, when Sparky and I first started up KBFR/Boulder Free Radio in Boulder, we had several wacky ideas about STL (Studio Transmitter Link) approaches uses standard 2.4Mhz (wifi, essential) beams, FM microcells that hang off the side of walls scattered around a city and the internet as a backbone to feed tons of small 'stations' using part 15 rules.

Sparky just sent me this:
Can You Do a Lot With 0.1 Watt?Looks like some folks in CA are trying some of these approaches for real.

Take a very low powered AM transmitter, hook it to a laptop with internet access, broadcast the stream from your radio studio to the laptop.

Now, do that again, over and over, across a high density neighborhood. Voila! A radio network!