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Sub Reddit for Pirate Radio

If you use Reddit, you know this little fellow well.

Did you know there is a Pirate Radio sub reddit?  Yep.

I'm one of the mods.  It's been sorta dead, so, let's spice it up shall we?  Check it out, add some piratey stuff to it, make it your own.

How to set up pirate radio station in 15 minutes

Here's a post I put up on Reddit recently;  it's in answer to the question of 'what do you do that makes you stand out in a crowd of 200 random people.. prize is $1 MILLION dollars.  Theoretical, of course,  Anyway.. here's the Reddit post they wanted:

All-righty then.  It's really simple, but it took a few years to figure out.

First, I'll go over the list of gear I use for easy setup and tear down.  Obviously, get a transmitter.  I use the Broadcast Warehouse TX 150.  150 watts.  Plenty of power for a small town.  Here's the full list of ones they make:

I use the 6th one down from the top- 150W power.  They go up to 1000 watts and down to 1watt.  UK based company, excellent products.

Next you need an antenna.  I prefer one of two antenna's.  The first one is an old pirate radio standby called a Comet.  Cheap, easy to set up, easy to tune.  Model number  CFM95SL 5/8 wave.…