Monday, November 21, 2005

What we made our DJ's sign before getting shut down

KBFR Mission and Policies

Our Mission:

Boulder Free Radio is an act of civil disobedience aimed at taking back the public resource called Radio. It is an action and a protest against the selling off of the limited public resource of radio spectrum to the highest bidder. It is an action designed to support our community with a democratic media that will give the average citizen access to the airwaves and provide exposure to new and local music, under-represented ideas, opinions, news and information on local goings on and to do so with an understanding that we are responsible to the community and it’s wishes about content and the balance between free speech and the use of profanity. We commit that we will give fair access to all citizens on all sides of a community, state, regional, national or global issue.

At our core, we believe in the community supported use of free speech and access to new music, ideas, opinions and news.

We understand that being a member of KBFR is a privilege, not a right and agree to abide by the Policies and procedures put into place to keep KBFR safe and to continue to support the community it serves.

Boulder Free Radio(BFR) is a benevolent dictatorship(BD). The BD is supported by a council of captains (5-10 BFR members chosen by the BD and other captains for their experience, wisdom, knowledge, skills and ability to help govern and grow BFR). Most decisions are discussed among the BFR DJ’s and captains, reviewed in regular captain meetings and approved. When necessary the BD will be asked for a decision, but only as a last resort. The BD has the right, responsibility and duty to overturn BFR group and Captain Council decisions if he deems it necessary for the overall betterment of the operation, but only if absolutely necessary and he believes it is necessary for the long term health and survival of the station. The BD has final say, when exercised, on all BFR business.

Policies: Policies are rules that are required and agreed to by all members of the group before joining that allow us to operate and serve the community. These are not negotiable and are required activities and observances of how we operate.
Due to the underground nature of KBFR and it’s unlicensed status with the FCC, we will always be at risk of a bust by federal agents of the FCC, usually, backed up by a federal warrant and federal marshals. These warrants rarely name individuals and generally use old maritime laws used to seize (appropriately) pirate ships where the names of the captains and crews where unknown. In practice, the agents will first visit the STL location and issue a warning to stop operating. KBFR’s policy is to immediately shut down and move the STL location. This ‘resets’ the legal process and, in theory, should make it difficult for the FCC to obtain a warrant allowing them to take the equipment. At some point, we expect them to stop warning us and simply find the STL, and obtain a warrant. At that point, we will lose equipment, but not the studio, although that is not guaranteed. In order to protect the studio and, if possible, the STL setup (including transmitter, computer and mixer worth about $5000), the following policies are required of all KBFR group members. In addition, to avoid unduly antagonizing the FCC, controls around conduct and use of profanity and use of threats are outlined here.

- No drugs, guns or anyone under 18 in the studio at any time.
- No smoking (of anything) in the studio. Alcohol is fine
- New DJ’s are vetted by the program manager and approved by the Captains Council. DJ’s are encouraged to recommend potential new DJ’s
- Once a month meetings are required. If you miss the meeting, you are suspended from studio access (and your show) for one month. If you miss a second meeting, your status as a KBFR DJ is forfeit.
o You can miss a meeting if you inform one of the captains BEFORE the meeting. The reason must be significant and usually involves you being physically out of town.

- Showing up is required. If you miss two shows in a row, your show time is made available to the program director for rescheduling of another existing or new DJ.

o Sending an email out to at least 4 hours before your show telling the group your show is available negates this control.
o If your show is taken, you can petition the program director for another time slot.
o If this happens 3 times (i.e. missing 2 shows in a row and not telling anyone) your status as a KBFR DJ is forfeit

- All DJ’s are required to help support the station financially.
o Monthly dues of (usually) $30
o Help in putting on benefit shows that add to KBFR’s reserve
o If you don’t pay your dues, you don’t get the key code to the studio

- All DJ’s are encouraged to find support duties that help the station
o To keep it going, we need all DJ’s to be ACTIVE members of KBFR by spending time on things outside of their weekly shows. These include but are not limited to:
§ Keeping the studio clean and neat
§ Bringing in needed supplies
§ Recycling cans, bottles and plastics
§ Managing T-shirt/button/sticker/CD distribution and cash
§ Reviewing CD’ sent to KBFR by artists, producers and record companies
§ Assisting in recording live shows in the van
§ Assisting with computer/networking needs
§ Helping with benefit concerts (including ‘producing’ them end to end)

- Profanity (defined by ‘the 7 words you can’t use on television, in addition to the words ‘faggot’ and ‘nigger’) is allowed. However, only under the following conditions:
o Between midnight and 6am: anything goes. Say whatever you want.
o Between 9pm and midnight: Use good judgment
o Between 6pm and 9pm: contextual use of profanity is fine- as in ‘I can’t believe fucking GW killed 19 more kids in iraq today!’. Gratuitous use of profanity is strongly discouraged and will cause you to eventually lose your show. Overuse will turn off listeners and has a higher chance of being heard by kids and their parents as well as shriveled up old lady’s and born again Christens with an axe to grind. These folks WILL call the FCC. Enough complaints from them will bring about a visit and a bust.
o Between 6am and 6pm: keep profanity to a minimum- same as you hear on network TV (shit, asshole, etc. class words are OK). Businesses listening during the day used to be our largest listening base and have tuned out due to profanity. We want them back.
o Use of profanity within recorded comedy and music is allowed anytime. Keep in mind the time of day and try not to abuse this privilege. They ARE listening.

- No DJ may threaten, on air, any entity or person, for any reason.
o This includes statements like: “someone should blow up Disneyland”; “Someone needs to kill that bastard GW” (this will almost guarantee a visit by the secret service); “someone should beat the hell out of the Boulder City Council”, etc.

- New DJ’s will have a 3 month ‘review’ period. After 3 months on air the Captains Council will review if their show is original, interesting, entertaining and if it fit’s into the overall KBFR effort of adding back to the community.

- Communications- DJ must check email regularly. At least twice per week. KBFR’s underground and distributed nature requires that we use an encrypted email system to keep our communications secure. Other than our monthly meetings, email will be our primary means of communication.

I agree with the above mission statement and agree to abide by the policies:

DJ Name:_________________________

DJ Name Signature___________________________________ (DO NOT SIGN REAL NAME)


Sunday, November 06, 2005

Podcasting our archives! Now on Clickcaster

We started last week. We are uploading all of our studio free shows from 5 years of Pirate Radio broadcasting here in Boulder.

We looked at all the online web services based Podcasting services and the big three (Clickcaster, Odeo and PodOMatic) all provided great stuff. We played with all of them for a few weeks, and we've finally settled on Clickcaster (

We like em cause their local to us, to start with. But, after using all three, they're also the best of the lot. Here's why we like them:

-Really (like, REALLY) easy to use

-Support huge file uploads (some of our studio free shows are 500MB)

-No limit on total space used in your account (PodOmatic, for instance, limits you to 250MB total, that won't hold even one of some of our shows)

-Everything happens on your machine. When you're recording a show, it saves it locally to your hard drive (the other guys stream it to their servers). Try doing this on a wireless connection to your home router sometime. You NEED to do it locally on your machine for it to work.

-Kick ass Java based recorder that (appears) to be at CD quality (128kpbs?). The other guys use Flash which sucks for recording and is (obviously) lower quality.

-Great simple interface. One of our DJ's said it's like the difference between Yahoo and Google (which would you rather use?)

-Super responsive team. When we had problems uploading the REALLY big files, they responded in 3 days with an updated server that would support multi gigabyte (they claim) uploads.

Overall, these Clickcaster dudes rock. And they get Pirate Radio big time.

Check em out. They're gonna change the world.

Here's a link to our show on Clickcaster:


Sunday, October 02, 2005

A little here, a little there

We did some random broadcasting the other day.

Worked up a nice little mobile setup that you can plug in and put together in about 10 minutes in a garage. Nice little case, a laptop with WiFi, a tripod and an antenna. Just throw it up in someone's living room, set the tripod up on the deck and plug it in.

Worked great. A signal check had us covering pretty all of town very nicely (helps to be up high on a hill, if you can swing it).

I think this is how to do it. Totally mobile setup. Fixed for a single session in someone's house, a few hours, an evening maybe. Then, down for, however long, then, back up again when everyone's in the mood.

It's good, I like it.


Thursday, September 15, 2005

Podcasting and Pirate Radio

It occurred to me today that there's a powerful intersect between this podcasting thing and pirate radio.

In particular, it would insanely easy for one guy to create a great pirate radio station, with awesome content, by just using podcasts. I mean, that's what a podcast IS right? A pirate radio recording for the internet.

It's a sort of citizen journalism and it's uncensored and unedited by a regular person putting his or her thoughts into audio form and putting it out there for anyone to hear.

Sounds one hell of a lot like pirate radio to me.

Now, take a 160GB hard disk and FILL it with podcasts that you've downloaded from the net. Music podcasts, current affairs, politics, what have you. Put that disk on a computer, hook up the computer to a transmitter and antenna and you've got some GREAT radio.

When you feel like doing a show, head over to the transmitter site and do one. When you don't feel like it, let all that great citizen jouranlist generated content just run.

I would bet it would be the best radio station in your town, bar none.


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio

Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio Pirate Radio


We're going up. We're not gonna do any of that fancy remote transmitter shit. We're going to set up, put the antenna on the roof, and lock the door. When they come, they'll have to have a warrant to get in.


And the bug begins anew

Well, it's been awhile since they shut down Boulder Free Radio. Jan. of this year. The FCC went after a couple of people that were relatively unrelated to the station (for reasons we don't fully understand..). Most likely they had these two guys names and they were, several times removed, related to us. One was a part time DJ, the other was a roommate of the original Monk who started KBFR.

The original Monk.

Might as well come out with it. There have been several Monk's since KBFR started. I'm the 4th. The guy who owns this blog is the current 'monk'. TheMonk. Monkterific. Monkifier. Monkonator. Monk.

There's still a large group of people in the Boulder and Denver area that want to do Pirate radio, undergroundradio, microradio, whatever you want to call it. There's also alot of gear floating around in different peoples storage spaces and garages just waitin to be hooked up and turned on.

And it'll happen.

When and where, we don't really know. But we do know that Pirate Radio Lives! And, though dormant at the moment here in Colorado, it'll be back, and soon.

We heard that our old nemesis, John Sprauge, the FCC agent who regularly visited KBFR over it's 5 year run, finally retired.

Gone, kaput, out to pasture. His fat ass is very likely sipping a cold coors in his RV in Arizona right now. We won't miss him.

His last run at KBFR bordered on (and in talking to lawyers we know, actually crossed the line) illegal activity. He harassed private citizens at their work place (accusing them, to their bosses, of 'breaking the law on company time') and the aforementioned roommate of the original Monk from Five Years Ago. We've since learned that this ex-roomie of the original Monk actually had to hire a lawyer to protect himself from having just been the roommate of one of us. And HALF a DECADE ago. It still blows the mind what these FCC agents will do to get you turn off what's equal to 100 watt light bulb in power.


So there you have it.

Monk is many people
The reason we shut down is our fear of innocents getting blamed for things they didn't do
The group was tired of running, time for a break
We will be back, and soon

Stay tuned (pun intended)


Thursday, August 25, 2005

Google Talk is BAD

Don't install it! Google Talk (or GoogleTalk) the new instant message client from Google will KILL your gmail account.

For some reason, Gmail doesn't like it. A friend of mine had his Gmail account LOCKED OUT when he installed it. Google, of course, doesn't respond (other than auto response emails with no information) to his pleas to turn back on his gmail.

So, again, DO NOT INSTALL GOOGLE TALK and you should think long and hard about depending on Gmail, considering how they promptly shut off his email and won't turn it on for 24 hours (or so they say... he's still offline 14 hours later).


Thursday, August 11, 2005

Evil Google?

Normally I don't write about things that aren't related to pirate and underground radio, but this one just cry's out.

And it sure as hell has alot to do with media freedom.

Google has 'blacklisted' CNET for writing a story about how Googles reach might be a little long these days. To illustrate the point, they found a bunch of information on the companies CEO, Eric Schmidt, and published it. They found it, of course, ON Google.

Now why the hell would a company that has as it's main principle "Do No Evil" do something so amazingly stupid? I mean, come on. This is one of the few times that the word stupid and Google really belong together in a sentence.

And I've got to give them this: when they decide to be stupid, they get REALLY stupid.

I just switched my startup page to I'm boycotting Google until they stop boycotting a reporting for doing what is simply his job: Telling the truth.


Monday, July 04, 2005

Is Apple the next Microsoft or, is Apple Evil?

As I watch Apple take over the online music world, I can't help but wonder if much of what they're doing isn't akin to what Microsoft does to hold on to it's control over whatever domain it targets. But in many ways, it's worse.

Apple's OS is built on top of BSD Unix, and open and free OS. They take it, 'extend' it to be the Mac OS, wrap it in sophisticated copy protection scheme (called the Macintosh Computer) and sell it at a premium.

We're starting to see the same thing in their iPod business. With the recent release of iTunes 4.9, we see the addition of podcasting, but, in a closed mannor. There's no 'sharing with the community' happening here. It's all about aggregating as much control as possible into the Apple view of the audio world. I can see Steve now:

"What if we go all these podcaster dudes to put their crap into iTunes and we added advertising? Hmmm... lots of people doing that, or trying to. But we could OWN it.. and we could lock out all the little guys AND cut of Billy Gates at the knee's here. Maybe even get Clear Channel to give us a cut of the action".

Apple sues bloggers that are highly supportive of Apple and help create hype that creates value for their company. I friend of mine recently had an exchange with jobs that he sent to me. Here's there (brief) exchange:

Message to Jobs:

I know your trying to get at sources to stop leaks about unreleased
products, but, whoever is driving this attack on bloggers is creating
massively negative brand backlash for Apple.

It may be too late for you to stop at this point (it may look as bad
as continuing) but I would implore you to do so.

You are losing your core brand tribe and PO'ing alot of Apple
Supporters. I have had more than a dozen emails, today, about how
people I know are selling off their Macs and going Linux or, gasp,
Windows (because: What's the difference between Apple and MS now?
None.. at least, not as far as corporate philosophy and greed go, or
so goes the general line in the email).

So, I implore you, stop cutting off your nose to spite your face. You
are, and you're going to cost Apple, long term, alot more than any
short term win in this area can give you.

From an Apple Tribe guy who cares,

old Apple guy
ex Apple employee (over 10 years ago, don't bother looking, I know nothing)
witless sage

Steve's reply:

Steve Jobs to me
More options Mar 13


Its just not acceptable to let people steal our secrets and publish
them without consequence. Sorry.


- Show quoted text -


This doesn't sound like the Apple we all think we know (and love). It sounds like a company with it's own self interest as the ONLY driving force. Now, I expect that from Bill Gates, but Apple's success comes from it's 'being different'. Do they really have to emulate the enemy to fight the enemy? Don't they _become_ the enemy when they do that?

I have to ask: Is Apple becoming evil?

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

emachineshop - The Inside Scoop

Slowly but surely, we lose freedoms, access and choice.

The latest decisions by the US Supreme Court, one making P2P software 'questionable', even though it's legitimate uses are well documented and freeing cable companies from sharing their lines with competitors.. killing choice and choking off all the little ISP's in the country.

Congrats judges. Another blow to freedom and choice.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Google News

Remember that Apple Computer commercial in 1984 announcing the Macintosh? Remember the evil world dictator up on the screen?

Take a look at this picture:

Doesn't Rummy look exactly like that evil world dictator in this picture? Maybe I'm just seeing things, but I don't think so.



Thursday, May 26, 2005

Podcasting Podcasting and More Podcasting

This is really hot stuff. I've come to the conclusion that podcasting really is internet pirate radio with timeshifting.

These guys over at ClickCaster are doing some interesting things. I found their secret development site (wasn't that hard... had it at the top when you search on clickcaster) and it seems to be working. It's at:

What's cool is they have a simple Java applett that lets you create a podcast with a button click. You do have to have Java 1.5 or later installed (just to to this link: and it'll do an autodownload for you).

You log into their server and click on create an account (yea.. it works) and you go to my studio and click on their 'create a clickcast' button. Up comes the recorder. Very slick. Click record... talk talk talk, rant, talk... Click stop. Play it back, click 'upload' and it throws it up on your account. You go to my clickcasts and write up your show notes and pick the file to attach and it does the rest (wraps it in RSS, puts the XML button at the top of your page.. blah blah).

Anyway.. these guys are getting close to making it really easy.

I'm dying to see what looks like and They claim similar stuff (but I can't find their secret development servers damnit).


Saturday, April 30, 2005

Here's my email for those interested. picture format to keep those damn web crawlers from sticking me on their spam lists. Posted by Hello home of KBFR's recorded studio free shows and many recorded DJ shows. Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Free Media and Bottom Up Media

Lot's going on in this area.

The Real Public Radio Network guys are up and running at

The Open Media Network is in beta (

And the podcasting world is taking over. Podcasting is as close to pirate radio on the internet as anything I've seen or heard of. A local company called clickcaster ( is developing software for this. Adam Curry's making it real with and a company called Odeo ( is making something as off in Silicon Valley.

There's even a station (AM) in San Fransisco that's going to do all podcasts submitted by listeners. Now THAT'S Pirate radio, with a license. They're calling them selves 'KYOURradio - Open Source Radio at:

The world is a changing folks. A transmitter isn't even required anymore to have a voice.

Of course, it would be nice, but, no longer required.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Technorati Profile
Been a long couple of months.

Everything is gone. We're OK. Heard some rumors about FCC harrassment of old roommates. Not sure though, can't get hold of anyone to verify. No one in the BURG group has had any contact from the feds since the Jan. bust. Everythings shut down, sold, dispersed, gone, dead, ashes to ashes dust to dust.

Man, how depressing. Everything's gone dark. But it was time.


Sunday, February 06, 2005


Some Rights Reserved.

Sunday, January 16, 2005


Welcome to Fascist America.

KBFR is gone. We are done.

We are simple folk with simple dreams who just wanted a voice in our community.


Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The station was shut down, again, yesterday in the late afternoon. One year, to the day (Jan 11th) from the last FCC visit.

Apparently the host (who was understandly upset at FCC agents at the front door) didn't get any kind of written warning. First time. This feels somehow different than other FCC visits.