Free Media and Bottom Up Media

Lot's going on in this area.

The Real Public Radio Network guys are up and running at

The Open Media Network is in beta (

And the podcasting world is taking over. Podcasting is as close to pirate radio on the internet as anything I've seen or heard of. A local company called clickcaster ( is developing software for this. Adam Curry's making it real with and a company called Odeo ( is making something as off in Silicon Valley.

There's even a station (AM) in San Fransisco that's going to do all podcasts submitted by listeners. Now THAT'S Pirate radio, with a license. They're calling them selves 'KYOURradio - Open Source Radio at:

The world is a changing folks. A transmitter isn't even required anymore to have a voice.

Of course, it would be nice, but, no longer required.


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