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Internet Radio is Dead! Back to Underground Pirate Radio We Go!


Wow. I just can't believe it. They killed internet radio! The MAIN reason we decided not to fight the pirate radio fight long term was it didn't matter, the internet was going to fill int he gaps anyway so why bother?

Well, clearly, we got that one wrong. From ars Technica at this link.

Check this out:
A panel of judges at the Copyright Royalty Board has denied a request from the NPR and a number of other webcasters to reconsider a March ruling that would force Internet radio services to pay crippling royalties. The panel's ruling reaffirmed the original CRB decision in every respect, with the exception of how the royalties will be calculated. Instead of charging a royalty for each time a song is heard by a listener online, Internet broadcasters will be able pay royalties based on average listening hours through the end of 2008.
Wow. I mean fuckin A wow... I'm floored.

Well guys, time to get out the van, mixers and transmitters again. Let's rock this…