Podcasting Podcasting and More Podcasting

This is really hot stuff. I've come to the conclusion that podcasting really is internet pirate radio with timeshifting.

These guys over at ClickCaster are doing some interesting things. I found their secret development site (wasn't that hard... alltheweb.com had it at the top when you search on clickcaster) and it seems to be working. It's at:


What's cool is they have a simple Java applett that lets you create a podcast with a button click. You do have to have Java 1.5 or later installed (just to to this link: http://www.java.com/en/download/windows_automatic.jsp and it'll do an autodownload for you).

You log into their server and click on create an account (yea.. it works) and you go to my studio and click on their 'create a clickcast' button. Up comes the recorder. Very slick. Click record... talk talk talk, rant, talk... Click stop. Play it back, click 'upload' and it throws it up on your account. You go to my clickcasts and write up your show notes and pick the file to attach and it does the rest (wraps it in RSS, puts the XML button at the top of your page.. blah blah).

Anyway.. these guys are getting close to making it really easy.

I'm dying to see what Podshow.com looks like and Odeo.com. They claim similar stuff (but I can't find their secret development servers damnit).



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