Thursday, September 15, 2005

Podcasting and Pirate Radio

It occurred to me today that there's a powerful intersect between this podcasting thing and pirate radio.

In particular, it would insanely easy for one guy to create a great pirate radio station, with awesome content, by just using podcasts. I mean, that's what a podcast IS right? A pirate radio recording for the internet.

It's a sort of citizen journalism and it's uncensored and unedited by a regular person putting his or her thoughts into audio form and putting it out there for anyone to hear.

Sounds one hell of a lot like pirate radio to me.

Now, take a 160GB hard disk and FILL it with podcasts that you've downloaded from the net. Music podcasts, current affairs, politics, what have you. Put that disk on a computer, hook up the computer to a transmitter and antenna and you've got some GREAT radio.

When you feel like doing a show, head over to the transmitter site and do one. When you don't feel like it, let all that great citizen jouranlist generated content just run.

I would bet it would be the best radio station in your town, bar none.


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