And the bug begins anew

Well, it's been awhile since they shut down Boulder Free Radio. Jan. of this year. The FCC went after a couple of people that were relatively unrelated to the station (for reasons we don't fully understand..). Most likely they had these two guys names and they were, several times removed, related to us. One was a part time DJ, the other was a roommate of the original Monk who started KBFR.

The original Monk.

Might as well come out with it. There have been several Monk's since KBFR started. I'm the 4th. The guy who owns this blog is the current 'monk'. TheMonk. Monkterific. Monkifier. Monkonator. Monk.

There's still a large group of people in the Boulder and Denver area that want to do Pirate radio, undergroundradio, microradio, whatever you want to call it. There's also alot of gear floating around in different peoples storage spaces and garages just waitin to be hooked up and turned on.

And it'll happen.

When and where, we don't really know. But we do know that Pirate Radio Lives! And, though dormant at the moment here in Colorado, it'll be back, and soon.

We heard that our old nemesis, John Sprauge, the FCC agent who regularly visited KBFR over it's 5 year run, finally retired.

Gone, kaput, out to pasture. His fat ass is very likely sipping a cold coors in his RV in Arizona right now. We won't miss him.

His last run at KBFR bordered on (and in talking to lawyers we know, actually crossed the line) illegal activity. He harassed private citizens at their work place (accusing them, to their bosses, of 'breaking the law on company time') and the aforementioned roommate of the original Monk from Five Years Ago. We've since learned that this ex-roomie of the original Monk actually had to hire a lawyer to protect himself from having just been the roommate of one of us. And HALF a DECADE ago. It still blows the mind what these FCC agents will do to get you turn off what's equal to 100 watt light bulb in power.


So there you have it.

Monk is many people
The reason we shut down is our fear of innocents getting blamed for things they didn't do
The group was tired of running, time for a break
We will be back, and soon

Stay tuned (pun intended)



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