Podcasting our archives! Now on Clickcaster

We started last week. We are uploading all of our studio free shows from 5 years of Pirate Radio broadcasting here in Boulder.

We looked at all the online web services based Podcasting services and the big three (Clickcaster, Odeo and PodOMatic) all provided great stuff. We played with all of them for a few weeks, and we've finally settled on Clickcaster (www.clickcaster.com).

We like em cause their local to us, to start with. But, after using all three, they're also the best of the lot. Here's why we like them:

-Really (like, REALLY) easy to use

-Support huge file uploads (some of our studio free shows are 500MB)

-No limit on total space used in your account (PodOmatic, for instance, limits you to 250MB total, that won't hold even one of some of our shows)

-Everything happens on your machine. When you're recording a show, it saves it locally to your hard drive (the other guys stream it to their servers). Try doing this on a wireless connection to your home router sometime. You NEED to do it locally on your machine for it to work.

-Kick ass Java based recorder that (appears) to be at CD quality (128kpbs?). The other guys use Flash which sucks for recording and is (obviously) lower quality.

-Great simple interface. One of our DJ's said it's like the difference between Yahoo and Google (which would you rather use?)

-Super responsive team. When we had problems uploading the REALLY big files, they responded in 3 days with an updated server that would support multi gigabyte (they claim) uploads.

Overall, these Clickcaster dudes rock. And they get Pirate Radio big time.

Check em out. They're gonna change the world.

Here's a link to our show on Clickcaster: http://www.clickcaster.com/clickcast/rss/237



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