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Boulder Free Radio lives on!

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Today I was thrilled to stumble across what appears to be a reincarnation of the local pirate radio station which went off the air in 2006.

It was at 93.9 (I believe), and it was playing some very German sounding techno/new wave stuff until it wasn’t anymore…a pirate identification and then just static.

According to the KBFR wiki page:

The original founder of KBFR, Monk, who recently moved out of the state, decided to leave all the equipment accumulated by the KBFR/Boulder Free Radio collective during its operations (2000-2005) to a new generation of underground radio enthusiasts. They can be found on several frequencies including 103.9, 102.7, 95.3 and at least 6 others. They often broadcast from parties, raves and cultural events.

As of 2008 a new group of Boulder pirates has emerged under the call letters KGLR (green light radio). They have taken the reins from Monk and presented a whole new station on 95.3 fm in Boulder, CO.

Pump up the volume…


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