Ha! www.DIYMedia.net listed this thing as something worth reading. I don't know if that's true or not, but now that I suspect someone might actually be reading this thing, I guess I'm going to have to write things with the thought in mind you might actually read it.


I'll get you for this John. ;-)

On another note- met with Carl Nimbus (who's acting sort of as the operations/station manager right now) and he's getting the studio part of the operation very nicely automated.

We're now running 5 PC with XP Pro with one machine acting as the primary server. We've got just under a terabyte of disk space (about 980GB) linked up with dedicated drives for the KBFR library (about 300GB) and drives for each DJ and for newly ripped CD's.

We use WinVNC to control the studio remotely (as well as the STL-Stuido Transmitter Link). It's working well, but we're still having some problems with the internet link. We have DSL in the studio and Comcast cable at the STL site and there seems to be a less than perfect sync between the two. Doesn't make sense, it's all IP based internet streaming- maybe the DSL company (Qwest) and Comcast just don't like each other.

So.. if the stream get's 'skippy' (regular dropouts) we now have access to a 100GB drive in the STL machine that lets us run a playlist from the machine that normally takes the stream from the studio or the van (more on the van and how it works in a latter blog). Using WinVNC, we can completely control the remote computer (and winamp's playlist). The only thing we can't do is go live on the mic, but it's ALOT like sitting in the studio, only the machine, and the transmitter, is several miles away. Works pretty well.



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