The benefit show went great! Several hundred people showed up and the Fox Theater asked us to come back and do another show in two months!

Thanks to the folks fo Boulder for all your support!

To all you pirates... this is a great way raise money for your cause! If you have a local music venue, get some of the local musicians that you've been supporting by playing their music and doing live shows on air to play a benefit show for your station. Feed them and give them a keg back stag (make sure the foods good. You should be able to get a local restaurant to two to donate some kick ass food, we did). If you have it, your local micro brewery's a candidate for donating a keg (again, we found one.. Twisted Pine.. great guys..excellent beer).

Print up tshirts to sell in the lobby. And if you have the ability, copys of CD's from recordings of on air broadcasts from bands that have played in your studio... or shows of your more 'out there' DJ's who are fun to listen to.

Put a donation jar in the lobby too.

We charged $10 per ticket. The venue (The Fox here) get's a percentage, and you get the rest. It's usually negotiable so work out your best deal with them. Remember, what you're doing is completely legal. There is nothing anyone can do to stop you here. We've talked to our lawyer on this, you and all your supporters (the venue, the food and drink folks, etc.) are all doing something completly on the up and up.

This builds alot of buzz around your station and makes you one very cool operation. It also builds alot of community support.. something that's going to be very handy when the FCC finally does knock on your door.

It's also a good idea to get your local newspaper plugged in and on your side. Ours (the Daily Camera, as well as the weeklys.. if you have them) did stories on us up until the night of the show, and then was at the show covering the bands and the scene. More positive buzz. More positive community support.
Boulder Free Radio: Radio So Good, It's Illegal

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