It's been awhile since I wrote here. Many goings on.

KBFR appears to be growing nicely. We had our monthly meeting on Sunday and there were more DJ's than we've ever had before. Somewhere in the 30 area. We now have shows that range from bluegrass to sports, politics to punk. It's a wide ranging group of wonderful folks, no doubt.

The Fox Theatre has asked us to do another benefit show (apparently, they actually made money on it as well, they get the majority of the bar take and our audience is a fun lovin group). We think this is one of the more likely ways to fund pirate radio. Get a local music venue on your side and then partner with them as a way to raise money and to give a stage to both known and unknown bands (not unlike what KBFR itself does). Sell Tshirts, buttons and CD's of bands who've played live on KBFR. Mix it all together and, if you do it right, you can fund a station for half a year, or fund the creation of a new station (takes about $3-5K to buy everything you need to go on air).

After reading an article in a business journal, it occurred to me that we're set up to be a recording studio/independent record label. Put the question to the gang: is this something we should do?

With the advent of iTune's and it's ilk for distributing online music that can come from, literally, anywhere, it seems to me that non mainstream sources of music (like a network of pirate radio station/recording studio/independent label entities) would be a great way to fund pirate radio and to expand it's growth.

Eventually, the FCC will simply have to accept that Pirate Radio is an entity that just needs to be accepted and officially sanctioned. This would be one way to help make that eventual inevitabilty happen just a little faster.


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