Radio is about noise.. sound... the pressure of air on our eardrums...

and Music is the most inviting of those sounds, at least for most of us.

So we're developing a sort of 'communal mind' playlist for KBFR. All of the DJ's (about 40 now) put in 100 of their favorite songs. Then add periodically. This'll give us a playlist of 4000 eclectic and original songs in a mix that's about as representative of the station (and hopefully the community) as a playlist can be.

We use the playlist on off times when there isn't a DJ at the mic. Early in the mornings, daytime slots not filled with unemployed music nerds.... when someone misses their show. We put in voiceovers ever 10-20 songs IDing the station and we're working on getting the playlist up on the website (how else are you going to find out WHAT THE HELL that awesome funk piece at 2:24am was that you were listening to in the cab on the way home from a tuesday night drinking binge?)


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