Language, language, language.

Interestly, this has become an issue at the station. We get regular feedback from people that there's 'too much cussin'. Many of our DJ's just love the word F**k. (yea.. might as well start now eh?). It turns people off. And it's a powerful word.

We don't want to ban it, but we want to find some way to moderate it's use. If it's an every other word thing, people are just turning us off (including me). But how do you balance that with 'censorship'. Telling your DJ's they can't say things (even a word that when overused offends) can be construed as censorship.

Hell, it is.

But where do you draw that line? Is the station for the DJ's or for the listeners?

Time to revist this and, potentially, put some sort of policy/guideline in place. You can't ban it, but appropriate use is needed.

But HOW the hell do you determine 'appropriate use'. This is the problem the FCC deals with regularly.



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