Our coharts in Santa Cruz were busted last week so it made us take another long look at what we're doing.

I've come to the conclusion that, although stupid, the lengths we go to to protect KBFR are worth it. FRSC was running 'hot' (the transmitter and the studio in the same place).

If you seperate the two, run an internet radio station (which is where the DJ's and most of the equipment are) and an STL (Studio Transmitter link) that's seperate, you're just plain better off. I've gone over the specifics of how this works in past posts so I won't repeat it again, but this underlines how important it is that you play the game (as much as that pisses me off. We should just be able to GET a FRIGGIN LICENSE). What stupidity. Why won't the FCC learn? The solution is so simple, and really pretty easy to do on their part.


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