Another monthly meeting tomorrow. Some of the things we're looking at doing include sponsorship by local (only) businesses and we're finding there's actually alot of interest in helping. We're not sure, exactly, how to do this yet and we'll work it out with the businesses, most likely, on a case by case basis.

We've got a couple now, IZZE and Twisted Pine. Both provide drinks (natural juices from IZZE and locally brewed beer from Twisted Pine) for the van. We mention this on air regularly. Phinn does an 'IZZE's Kitchen" show (what can you make with IZZE and, say, vodka? What do you call a mx of izze and twisted pine beer? TWISTED IZZE.. uggg).

So this should be an interesting experiment in how supportive the local community really is of KBFR. The trick will be to keep ourselves independent and still supported by the local community. My primary concern is a sponsor trying to foist their point of view on KBFR and what we do/say/play. If there's even a hint of that from a specific sponsor, we'll drop them like hot nuclear waste.


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