NPR is evil

Yea.. evil. Really fucking evil.

NPR should be considered as deadly to local media and localization of news and content as Clear Channel.

If you give them money, stop. Now. Give it to your local KGNU like community station or Pirate Radio station, or bike coop, or, hell anything with some local focus. These guys are a bunch of old jackasses trying to protect and expand there 'franchise', just like any other business.

These bastards teamed up with the NAB (yea.. THAT NAB...) to shut down Low Power FM (LPFM) in 2000 by buying off a couple of weak senators. They're at it again: From Ars Technica:

National Public Radio continues to move aggressively against Federal Communications Commission proposals that would, if not allow nonprofits to build more Low Power FM stations (LPFM), at least let existing ones survive the intrusion of new full power neighbors. NPR is quite plain about the matter in its FCC filings: it stands opposed to the Low Power exceptions, even though they might help keep FM offerings diverse. NPR charges that the FCC is putting feel-good policies ahead of the laws of physics.

"The laws of physics have not changed, and a system of full power broadcast stations serves many more listeners with less interference compared to low power broadcasting," NPR told the FCC this month. "While LPFM stations may advance the interests of localism and diversity, the Commission cannot assume that LPFM is inherently better than full power service."

NPR opposes proposals to strengthen rules allowing LPFMs to obtain channel interference waivers when an "encroaching" full power station arrives on the scene. And the broadcaster decidedly dislikes measures that would require new full power signals to offer technical and even financial help to an LPFM that they've suddenly squatted on (or squatted next to).

This is a serious issue, because over the last decade the NPR service has expanded from 635 to 800 affiliated stations. Public radio's stance on this puts it at odds with practically every media reform group in the country.
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NPR: the evil within.


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