Green Light Radio in Boulder.. on the air

Well, looks like the GLR (Green Light Radio) guys are up and running at 95.3FM again.

The Boulder Daily Camera did an article on them today. Click Here to read it.

I applaud their approach (sort of Gandhian), but suspect they're still dealing with the slightly milder equivalent of the Nazi SS - which is how the Denver office of the FCC's field enforcement agents tend to act. (here in 'another state'... we don't seem to even HAVE FCC agents.. but then, we're in the middle nowhere nowadays).

I wish these guys luck. And I have to say: Be careful of talking to the press. The Boulder Daily Camera, although representing a liberal town, is NOT a liberal paper. It's owned by some sneaky right wing bastards and it shows. Note the ending of the story... they quote one of the pirates:

"Fear distracts you from your ultimate goal," he says. "If you define yourself in opposition to something, you're not defining yourself, period."

Than add, as the last statement:

Yet still, he hides.

Nice little pen-knife in the ball sack there girl...


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