FCC Shuts down KBFR due to Denver Christen Station (KLDC) complaints

TL:DR: The FCC shut down KBFR and the Denver Christen station KLDC is the reason why.
Just got a call from the guy who runs the station. According to the FCC complaint he got, the Christen station owned by Crawford Broadcasting Company, DBA KLZ Radio Inc. that took to the air on 95.3FM in Denver earlier this year, called the FCC on Boulder Free Radio today claiming 'interference'. KBFR shut down at 6pm MST, 7/27/16.
What Christen station you say? Why, THIS one:
"KLDC - Serving God and Country".
We kid you not.
95.3fm and 1220am in Denver.
Feel free to give them a piece of your mind.
Oddly, they list NO phone number.
This is worse than corporate bullshit from the likes of iheartradio types. This is a religion persecuting free speech. The likelihood there was interference in DENVER from a tiny pirate station in Boulder is near zero. These guys are just asshats that don't like having us anywhere near them on the dial.


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