Dealing With The Press

One thing I've found is, if you've been around awhile on air, the local newspaper guys are going to decide you're worth writing a story about.

This is both good and bad.

The more press you get, the better known your operation becomes and the more heat you (potentially) bring down on yourself. AND the more listeners you get. Two edged sword.

And it can turn on you. Most newspapers (even smaller cities, like ours here in Boulder) are owned by a big media conglomerate. Most of those have radio interests somewhere in the corporate structure so, most of them have, at some level, really good reason to kill you off. They don't always do it, but you really should research the roots of who owns the newspaper that wants to do a story on you.

I think you'll find those that are owned by companies that also own radio station, usually, find you evil. Those that aren't, find you advocates of free speech and generally support you. Not always (some small papers owned by big companies CAN do good). We are talking to the Boulder Daily Camera here in Boulder right now getting ready to do a more indepth story with them. We'll see if they actually do something good or not.

Either way, be very very careful when talking to the press. Assume they will get some part of what you say wrong. RECORD THE ENTIRE CONVERSATION. Preferably with video. Let it be known that you'll go to the alternative press (the weekly's, college paper, etc.) if they decide to 'spin' your story in a negative way.

And remember that even if the reporter is friendly to your cause, his/her editor may very well NOT be. And in the end, the editor always wins.

Tread lightly and be ready to spirit yourselves away quickly at the first sign of anything (and I mean ANYTHING) that smells even least bit fishy.


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