People Reading- I'll be damned.

It's always amazing me that people actually READ this thing. My last entry was read by at least one of our DJ's and, for some reason, he decided it was directed at him (It wasn't). This required I explain myself and intent.


I should know this by now. People love to read things into what other people say. They particularly like to do it if you're someone who set's policy or makes decisions for a group. Human nature, I know, but man- can't life just be a little simpler?

One of the thing you'll find when you're running a pirate station, especially if you subscribe to my benevolent dictator model is the need to be aware of whatever you say as something that will be repeated, interpreted and subject to the 'round robin' effect. You know the party game where everyone get's in a circle and one person whispers something to the person next to them, and so on and when it gets to the last person they repeat what they heard and it's SOOO wrong from what was originally said?

Yea.. it's like that.

You're got to encourage everyone to talk to YOU. Call you. Email you directly. Whatever it takes. Communication (to use an overused word) is the only way to keep things on a reasonably even keel.

This is true of all volunteer organizations, but even more so with a group of free speech advocates who are skirting the edge of FCC regulations and, by nature, rebels (I mean, helll, they're fucking PIRATES for god's sake). Gotta keep that in mind. yea.. that too... sometimes I forget. ;-)


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