When Another Pirate Steps On Your Signal

We've got a weird one here. Someone with a BIG fucking transmitter (bigger than ours) is going on air periodically, 2-3 hours at a time, and playing the same 5-6 lame songs over and over, or just broadcasting dead air on top of our frequency.

We have no idea why.

We've tracked it, and found it moves. Whoever it is has mobile capabilities. Clever, really. Similar to our own approach. Makes them very difficult to locate

Why someone would go to this trouble I have no idea, but it's clear we can't do anything about it. Call the FCC on them? Yea.. right. First: that's against what we believe and second, it brings them down on US more than the 'evil' pirate.

We've offered, on air, to work it out. No response. Just the periodic stomping behavior.

So, we've come to the conclusion we do nothing. We don't turn ours off, we don't acknowledge them and we just soldier on. Eventually they get tired of it, or someone else (one of our listeners most likely) will track them down and do something about it, but we've decided to take the Gandi approach. Passive, non-violent non action. (well, sort of the Gandi response). ;-)



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