Almost forgot to write about the most interesting development!

It seems there's a LARGE portion of the population that's getting very uneasy with the consolidation and control of media, so much so that it would appear there are subsets of people from the left, middle and right, looking to pick a fight with the FCC.

I've been approached by some groups of lawyers who are offering to take our case 'all the way to the supreme court' on a pro bono (no cost to us) basis if we get the dreaded 'notice of apparent liability' (the FCC's phrase for 'we say you're guilty and we're fining you and threatening you with jail')notice.

It would seem the legal eagles have looked at a bunch of potential battlegrounds and have concluded KBFR is one of the better places to start. These are local AND out of town folks from the coasts.

So, it'll be interesting to see what happens. There are so many holes in how the FCC is enforcing it's arbitrary 'rules' that many interesting groups, groups you'd never think of as allies, are teaming up to fight how the FCC is running things. Interestingly, this isn't just the usual left leaning anarchist set (although they're part of it). There are ALOT of McCain type republicans fed up with the way things are going as well. I can't say I agree with them on alot of issues, but this set: free speech, local media and access to the airwaves ARE issues we seem to agree on.


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