I've been thinking a bit more about how so much of the media world has been forced underground in so many ways. Pirate radio isn't so much an underground media as a simple distribution mechanism for media that just happens to be unlicensed.

But it makes me think more about the other media's out there that really have been religated to the underground world. Adult material of all types. Political thought. non mainstream Religious beliefs. Unpopular with the mainstream general viewpoints. Alternative lifestyles. Art. On and on it goes.

For a society that's built on free speech, there seems to be one hell of alot of supressed folks out there. And, it seems, it's getting worse, not better. When the FCC's policies force dozens of ABC affiliates to not air a WWII movie that utters the word fuck (something that, oh my god, actually was said during the heat of battle), well, ya gotta wonder.

I think we owe it to our listeners to spend more time and effort on developing the distribution for these alternative points of view. And I don't think it's something that should really be judged by the distribution mechanism.

I'm coming full circle on this to some degree. A few months ago we shut down the station for a week and did a reset on all the DJ's. Mostly because a few of them claimed it was their right and a form of free speech to say fuck over and over much to our listeners chagrin. And, admittidly, to mine as well. I was just no longer interested in listening to my own station. But was that right?

I have no plans to go back to that type of 'programming' for lack of a better phase, but I do think we need to be tolerant of things we don't like. My tastes are mainstream, but I support the right of others to be as non mainstream as they like. But is it only if I happen to like it? Maybe. But is that really supporting free speech?

No, it's really not.

I think it comes down to the age old question: what is porn? And the age old answer: I know it when I see it. But it runs even deeper. Is porn bad? And even if it is, if someone likes it, who are we to say 'no, i don't so you can't'.

I'm thinking of putting together a radio show, or series of shows, that explores this area. Maybe interview some of the alternative viewpoint folks. The porn makers, the white hate groups, the really out of favor types that have no real voice because they're 'underground'. Who knows, maybe there's even a book in here somewhere.



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