anoteherfrst for KBFR. We, at the last minute, found we could do a live broadcast from the Fox Theater of the sold out Leftover Salmon show tonight. Other than the power going out for the entire place, it worked like a charm. Remote computer streaming over wireless over the internet. Beautiful.

An a different note, I talked to Vman, one of the two founders of Free Radio Santa Cruz. Seems he's quite the station and is unhappy with the direction it's taking. He and skidmark bob had a disagreement of some sort and, for now at least, he's not involved. It's a shame to, cause this guys been doing this for TEN years. Longer, continuously, than anyone else in the underground radio world. I offered him a show on KBFR (he can stream it from CA to CO via the internet)... I'd hate to lose his voice and his rockin the boat show. We'll see if he's interested.

We're also getting our first 'remote' DJ from NYC. B9 Punk, an artist who used to live here in Boulder and now lives in NY. She got a small setup that will allow for easy streaming over the internet and we'll be doing her show starting, I think, a week from Saturday. Noon to 3ish CO time.

We also did a live conference with the Chaos Computer Congress (CCC) in Berlin, Germany this week. They piped us into the conference and we broadcast the discussion live on KBFR. It's interesting in that they have a very different set of legal issues to deal with making it virtually impossible to do pirate radio in Germany (although it's alive and kicking in many other parts of Europe). I think we made some new friends in Europe.

Coming up on 5 years on air here. Man... seems like yesterday this whole thing started up by some guy in his basement. Many people and many interations later, we live on.


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