Great show at the Trilogy Wine Bar last night. 4 bands and a good turnout. We even made some money.

We did learn a lesson though about timing and bars. If a venue is willing to let you use their space for a benefit show, you need to keep that bar open as late as possible with as many people as possible. That last 1-2 hours is when they make the most money (and that's where THEY get the payoff for hosting our benefit shows).

We ended around 12:15.. just ran out of music. We started early (8:30pm) and ended early. The venue's owners wheren't very happy.

It's likely that we'll offer to give them the profit they would have made that last hour from our door take. It'll kill the benefit of HAVING a benefit, but it'll keep the venue owner (who has been a great friend of KBFR) happy and the door open to doing future shows.

I think the thing to do is to always end your benefit shows with a DJ who spins dance tunes. We have a couple in the KBFR DJ ranks and if we'd had one of them there, it wouldn't have been an issue keeping the party going.

So, lesson learned this time around: Keep your venue's happy and always have a backup for music if your band finish early.


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